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Fish People... Shark People...

You could call most fish owners “fish people” because when they set up a tank, they go for the gusto! There are many different types of fish that one can put into a home aquarium (from fancy goldfish to purple tang) that can create an underwater vision. Fish owners take pride in their pretty swimmers. Many say that watching a fish swim around in its tank can be a very relaxing and peaceful event.

So... Are there “shark people” out there? The answer is yes! If you happen to visit this website regularly, you’re probably one of them! Though some people are afraid of sharks, and others are indifferent, there are plenty of people who recognize the beauty and complexity of a shark and they just can’t get enough of them. So if you’re a shark person, how do you get your fill without living near an ocean? The answer might surprise you.

We are often are asked about the preparation of water added to aquariums. Here is a quick primer:

How pure does the water need to be? The water you add to your aquarium needs to be pure. Very pure. Pure water has the following parameters: Ammonia = 0.0 Nitrate = 0.0 Phosphate = 0.0...

"WE CYCLED OVER 40 DISPLAY AQUARIUMS IN OUR SHOWROOM WITH COLONY AND NOW SWEAR BY IT." - Matt Fry, Director Charterhouse Aquatics, London. ATM UK demonstrates the cycling power of ATM Colony Professional Grade Nitrifying Bacteria.

This tank was set up with no live rock, no pre-seeded media, or any other items that could contribute to the establishing of the nitrogen cycle. This is how it is done on the TV show, for any that still have questions on this.
This video shows a time interval that begins on March 14th and ends on March 19th.
NOTE: The nitrate readings in the video are indicative to the color of the test kit. 

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ATM Products discussed in this episode: ATM Agent Green Acrylic Tank Manufacturing brings you "Ask The Shark"! The Shark will answer your questions about aquariums and ATM Aquarium Products. If your question is chosen you win an autographed photo of Wayde King, Brett Raymer and the whole ATM cast! On this episode The Shark deals with algae control once and for all. Algae Control in 60 Seconds Flat "Good water quality is the key to keeping algae at bay in marine aquariums with a focus on the following factors that contribute to unwanted algae growth: Lighting! An overabundance of lighting can become an issue for any aquarium so make sure you have the right powered lighting for your aquarium and don't keep them on longer than 8 hours and especially if there is a higher than normal level of Phosphate! These can be controlled by using a quality phosphate remover such as ATM's Agent Green, a good quality protein skimmer and high optimum levels of Calcium! Keep your calcium above 250 ppm in marine aquariums and above 350 ppm in reefs as preferred for your Water! Do regular WATER CHANGES! using RO or DI water and a good quality, low phosphate sea salt for your Ecosystem! Living things go in an aquarium so put some in there that eat algae, some options are them are: Dwarf Blue Leg Hermit Crabs, Dwarf Red Tip Hermit Crabs, Electric Blue Hermit Crabs, Scarlet Reef Hermit Crabs, Lawn Mower Blennies, Kole Tangs, Foxface Butterflies.. Don't just apply one of these tips for a healthy tank... Do them all!!!!" #TrustTheShark

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